Septic Inspections

septic tank inspections: ajax pumping


Standard Home-Sale Septic Inspection consists of the following:

  • Locate septic system
  • Expose septic tank manhole lid or lids (depending on year installed)
  • Evaluate septic tank condition
    • measure scum & sludge levels
    • clean & inspect inlet, outlet and interior baffles
    • clean & service filter (tanks 2001 to current)
    • inspection of water flow from home to septic tank & from septic tank to drainage area.
  • Pump & Clean septic tank, removing all solids and liquids from all compartments of tank
  • Cover tank back to its original state (as close to original as possible)
  • Completion of ADEQ Report of Inspection (as a courtesy we also include a map of the septic tank location)

*Completed ADEQ Reports are sent out the following day after completion to all parties requested*